Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

More Jibbles 'n Bits in Reno

As I was able to dispose of Day Jobbery by about 4 PM, we had time to go to Reno to look for something that would allows us to attach the carrying strap that we do have to the Pelican case we have for the camera and accessories. The so-called carabiners at Scheel's were either cheap Chinese junk or too large to fit through the holes in the case. We went to Ace Hardware in Sparks, and eventually found a couple of fasteners there that barely fit through the holes: $6 worth of hardware. (When we got home later, Lisa drilled out the burrs in the holes that made the fasteners reluctant to go through, so they fit much better.)

We had a few other final errands to pick up things that we wanted to have with us while traveling, then went to dinner at the Atlantis buffet. Their affinity club kicked out a 2-for-1 breakfast/lunch coupon, so we may stop there for brunch on our way to the Bay Area on Sunday.

I'm glad we got that carrying strap settled. The Pelican case is nice, but it's very inconvenient to carry around with only the handle, and we need to be able to schlep it around with us; that's why we bought the biggest-carryon-size item.

Tomorrow we finalize most of our packing, including the supplemental packing because we'll be in the Bay Area for a few days after we get back, so we can put stuff in a different bag that I'll leave locked in my van (parked at Day Jobbe) while we're gone.
Tags: lisa, reno, travel

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