Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Calm Before the Storming

Lisa and I will not arrive in London until Wednesday morning (flying out of SFO mid-day Tuesday on United). However, the trip for us starts tomorrow when we leave Fernley and head to Mountain View. I'll work at Day Jobbe on Monday, leave my minivan at the office (taxis and trains to and from SFO are much cheaper than parking there for two weeks), and we'll head to the airport early Tuesday. (Not O-Dark-Early, but we want to give ourselves lots of time. Besides, I have a couple of United Club passes, so we might as well give ourselves time to relax once we've been Terrorized. Furthermore, my experience has been that when you're very early, you're far less stressed out by any minor mishaps like missing a connecting train or shuttle.)

So today is our last day where we could sleep in and take it easy, although perhaps sleeping is isn't all that great given the 8-hour time zone jump we're about to do. (That is, we might have been better trying to work ourselves up to getting up at, say, Midnight PDT/0800 BST. I've done this before on some of my trips. But I've had to maintain some semblance of coordination with Day Jobbe this week, so this wasn't in the cards.) Today we're going to try to finalize as much packing as we can save for those things like our toiletry kits that we can toss into the bags tomorrow morning.

I'm trying to leave space in my luggage and not pack it to the overstuffing point on the outbound trip. It's challenging because I've not only packed my suit (for the Hugo Awards) but also my WSFS captain's uniform (which just barely fits still) and our WSFS jumpsuits from Chicon 7, and that's before "ordinary" clothes. On top of that, there's the issue that my typical convention wardrobe isn't really what I'd normally wear for London tourism; however, I'll make things work out. Having mapped out a coin laundry near the Excel in which we should be able to do laundry on the day we check out of the Crowne Plaza and move over for our two luxury nights at the Intercontinental Westminster should help with the logistics.

I even have UK cash left over from my last trip there, and none of it is on the retired banknotes list.

We're making lists and checking them more than twice, particularly critical things like passports and medication. Overplanning R Us.
Tags: travel, worldcon

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