Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Pause for Breath

Lisa and I got Fernley House secured (we now have a check-list for it, although we now realize we need to have a summer-versus-winter version of it) and headed off around 8:30 this morning. We had a leisurely Sunday brunch at the Atlantis (using that 2-for-1 coupon we got on Friday) and headed over the mountains to the Bay Area, arriving at the hotel sometime around 5 PM.

It's not the best hotel we've ever stayed in, but not the worst, either, and has wired internet, which is a plus because Lisa doesn't like wireless and takes the wi-fi cards out of her computers. There was some challenge getting her machine to recognize the system, or rather to have the system recognize her computer; however, fifteen or so minutes on the phone with tech support and they were able to manually force their system to recognize her computer for the two days we will be here.

Tonight is a more or less ordinary hotel night for us. Tomorrow will be trickier because we'll need to pare things down to only the things going to the UK with us and then pack the rest (including things we need after we get back) into the van.

It looks like our plan to back-load our tourism (that is, do our touring after the convention, arriving the day before the con) has allowed us to miss the remnants of a hurricane. We seem to have been lucky this way. After Nippon 2007, Lisa and I headed south to Hakata and watched on the hotel TV the typhoon blowing through the Tokyo area, where it seriously inconvenienced other fans we know who were doing Tokyo-area tourism. For us, it just meant things were even more humid than usual, and by the time we headed north to Aomori and Sapporo, everything had been all cleaned up. I hope we stay that lucky on this trip. We're taking our jackets, though.

My luggage tips the scales just below 23 kg, but if it turns out that they say it's overweight, I'll take the CPAP bag out and take it with me onto the plane as an extra uncharged (medical device) carry-on. I'd rather leave it in the hold because it's a hassle to carry it around, but OTOH that's a space in my luggage I can use for bringing stuff back.
Tags: fernley, house, lisa, loncon, reno, travel, weather

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