Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Cast Off

As planned, after I got back to the hotel after work, Lisa and I had dinner, then we packed away everything that's staying behind into the van. We drove back over to my office where I parked my van in a distant corner (where it won't be an annoyance) and we walked back to the hotel. That disconnects us from the mobile power supply, you might say.

One thing we did forget was the AC power supply for the camera Lisa will be using to record the WSFS Business Meeting. I called the Sony store in Palo Alto, and they said they don't carry those sort of camera accessories. They tried to send me to a mail-order phone number, but it's too late: we're leaving tomorrow morning. Now Lisa does carry as part of the regular camera kit an adapter to run the camera on D-cell batteries. (We expect to buy the batteries in London.) The normal batteries are 2 AA; her hand-built external adapter runs on 3 Ds. She first used it in Japan. It works pretty well, and the much larger D batteries last much longer than AAs. (The AA batteries tend to last only about fifteen minutes tops when shooting video.) Generally, running on the D-pack, she'll run out of memory before running out of power. The AC adapter was only a backup, and it's often a nuisance because you have to find a place with power to use it.

(Yes, we know that we need to be potentially able to turn on any electronic devices at Terrorization. Lisa carries a fresh pair of AA batteries with the camera for this reason.)

Now we have to try and see if we can get to bed so we can be up as early as possible. Ideally we would have gone to bed around 4 PM and got up at midnight, but that wasn't possible with Day Jobbe schedule and our other commitments. We hope we're not too badly jet-lagged when we get to London around 8 AM Wednesday (Midnight Pacific time).
Tags: lisa, loncon, travel, work

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