Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

From an Airport, Briefly

We got going very efficiently this morning. In fact, we just barely missed being on one of the express trains out of Mountain View, but caught the limited after that. Even with the back-and-forth shuffle through San Bruno on BART, we got to SFO about four hours before our flight. There being no other flights going out around that time, it meant the check-in process didn't cause too much back-up and we didn't have to rush. We both opted out at Terrorization, but it took TSA forever to find a Female Assist for Lisa, and that was not good at all, because she had to take the wire off for her white-noise generator and stand there in pain for five or ten minutes. Eventually they processed her. They didn't have the slightest problem with any of our bags (other than opening Lisa's laptop is tricky; the Panasonic Toughbooks are not intended to be easy to open), not even the Pelican case full of camera gear.

Bear in a Bag
travelswithkuma does not like Terrorization. He had to ride in my tote bag on the conveyor belt thing. But it was not as bad as having to spend the weekend in the freezer when we thought he might have gotten some mold spores.

We were sufficiently early that we walked over to the domestic terminal for breakfast, the back to the United Club, where I had two club passes that come with my United credit card. Lisa and I are pretty much set to go for our 12:55 United flight to LHR. Unfortunately, the plane is completely full, so it's going to be darn uncomfortable for us, but otherwise we're as relaxed as possible. Fingers crossed that our next dispatch will be from London sometime tomorrow.
Tags: airports, kuma bear, lisa, travel

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