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Worldcon Day 3: A Little More Time for Us

Today's Main WSFS Business Meeting had a long and challenging agenda (thirteen constitutional amendments), but managed to clear the entire agenda in less than the three hours allotted to it. That means that there will be no substantive business at the Sunday meeting except for the formal receipt of the 2016 Worldcon Site Selection results. That's a relief. I'll summarize the Business Meeting results and post the videos Lisa shot in a later message.

Spirited Away
As we were leaving the Business Meeting prior to getting lunch, I stopped to photograph this costume from Spirited Away. Then it was down to the food court concourse where we had a lunch date with Cheryl Morgan (joined near the end by Linda Deneroff) so Lisa could pick Cheryl's mind about Cheryl's Day Jobbe in the electricity industry. I like the curry at the Indian restaurant.

We returned to the hotel, I renewed the "high-speed" internet (not nearly as fast as it should have been for what we're paying for it) connection, and set the three parts of today's WSFS Business Meeting videos to uploading. I then wrote two items for the Loncon newsletter and updated the Hugo Awards web site with information about the UStream broadcasts of the Retro-Hugos (apparently the audio quality was nonexistent or awful) and the expectations that Sunday's 2014 Hugo Ceremony will not share those problems.

WSFS Team on the Bench
Lisa and I changed into our Chicon 7 jumpsuits as the Crack WSFS Inspection Team, dedicated to confirming that Worldcons live up to the high standards of the World Science Fiction Society. We're sitting here on "Bobbie's Bench."

Bobbie's Bench
This is the Bench without Lisa, Kuma, and me cluttering it up. Loncon 3 had a series of sponsored benches around the convention center, and I was among those who helped sponsor this bench in memory of Bobbie DuFault, late Chair of the 2015 Worldcon, Sasquan.

Art Show Exception
We made a trip through the convention's Art Show. Most such shows naturally prohibit photography, but this 3-D artist specifically solicited it, per the sign.

Hugo Award Trophy Display
The Dealers Room centers on this display of past, present, and fanciful Hugo Award trophies. The two at the bottom are those of 1994 and 2002. I co-designed the 1994 base, and have one of the two 2002 spare trophies.

1939 Retro-Hugo Trophy
Here's the 1939 Retrospective Hugo Award trophy.

2014 Hugo Award Trophy
Following the new tradition established in 2012, Loncon 3 revealed the designs of their Hugo trophies during their opening ceremonies so that members could look at the trophies throughout the weekend. This is the 2014 display copy, of the same design as those that will be presented on Sunday night.

Having actually had a few hours to look at the convention fixed exhibits, Lisa and I were starting to get hungry when we ran into Linda Deneroff again, and the three of us got dinner from the Italian restaurant along the food court concourse. Yes, we've not been that adventurous and have mostly been eating at the food court and from food purchased from the grocery store next to our hotel. Too busy.

After dinner, we returned to the hotel, changed out our jumpsuits, and while I confirmed that the WSFS videos had actually uploaded, Lisa donned her Imperial Airship Corps uniform.

Subaltern Hayes
Normally, Ms. Hayes accompanies Colonel Chinstrap, but the Colonel won't be here until tomorrow, so the long-suffering subaltern had the night off.

Montreal Bid Party
I was in my Anticipation (2009 Montreal Worldcon) polo shirt and went to the Montreal pavilion in the Fan Village to help out with answering questions at the Montreal in 2017 Worldcon bid table for a couple of hours. Here's what it looked like from outside the tent with people queued up for cider. Besides the cider-serving area and the Q&A "sales desk," half the tent was taken up with a mini-hockey rink, where people were encouraged to play one-on-one street hockey. It was all good fun, and a sign on the outside of the tent announced that it was "Party Night in Canada."

Around 11:30 PM, I made my excuses, and it turns out Lisa had been looking for me. She'd spent most of the time that I'd been helping out Montreal sitting at the San José in 2018 bid table, and was ready to turn in, as was I. We trekked back to the hotel, completing a day of about 16,500 steps, and started the wind-down.

Photos continue to accumulate in my 2014 London Trip Flickr set.
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