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Squeezing the London Pass

Still no energy for a full-blown trip report. If you want photos of those things I did photograph, look at my London Flickr Album and read the captions.

  • Canal Board Trip from Little Venice to Camden Town

  • Lunch at Camden Lock Market

  • Tube through Mornington Crescent, then Euston

  • London Canal Museum

  • Tube to London Bridge

  • Old Operating Theatre museum

  • Second Lunch in Borough Market

  • Tower Bridge Experience; as a bonus, the bridge opened while we were on the walkway above

  • City Tours boat ride, which actually will be good into late-afternoon tomorrow for hop on/hop off use

  • Dinner near Piccadilly Circus

  • A bit of a detour back out to Docklands on the DLR, then back on the Jubilee Line

I haven't yet done the numbers, but I think the London Pass was at least a break-even, if you exclude the foolishness of the Zone 1-6 Travelcard. And it did give us an incentive to visit several small museums that we wouldn't have otherwise visited. However, trying to make good value out of that card is serious work, and I'm exhausted after more than 23,000 steps on the pedometer today.

There was a partial Tube workers strike today, shutting down service on the Central and Waterloo & City lines. I haven't found out yet whether it was a one-day strike or continuous. If the latter, we'll have to cancel our plan to go to the Epping-Ongar heritage railway; our plan was to make something of that Travel card and ride the Central out to Epping and then the heritage bus service to the steam railway and spend part of the day out there. I'll know more in the morning.
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