Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Back to California

We were up at 5 AM and the bus eventually found Terminal 2. Check-in and Terrorization was as painless as the process could generally be expected to be. Our flight was boarding our group as we walked up to the gate, so we walked right onto the plane. We'd previously paid for Economy Plus seats, and the third seat didn't fill; indeed, the entire cabin was less than half full. So this really was one of the most comfortable long-distance flights I've ever had.

Photos I've taken but not had time to process include flying over the coast of southern Greenland (every other time it's been dark or there have been solid clouds) and of Black Rock City (our flight path was just north of Burning Man, and this year's event was easily visible from 40,000 feet).

We arrived at SFO early, but three other international flights arrived about the same time, so it took a long time to clear Immigration. Because I answered honestly about the food question (I bought tea and toffee as gifts in duty free), they re-inspected our bags.)

Unfortunately, we missed the BART-to-Caltrain connection by a couple of minutes and thus had to sit around nearly 30 minutes for the next train. When we got to Mountain View, we took a taxi over to my office where my van was parked. We thought we were home free until I tried to start the van and found the batteries were dead. We'd left an accessory running and it ran the battery down. So that was another hour wasted waiting for AAA to come jump-start it, plus more time driving around to be relatively certain the battery was back up to speed, and to grab some take-out food to bring to the hotel.

We are checked in for the rest of this week. I took tomorrow off for recovery. I have the do not disturb sign on the door and have not set an alarm. I am going to sleep the sleep of the exhausted and sick (I have some sort of cold) tonight.
Tags: health, hotels, lisa, trains, travel
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