Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Home, With Trains

We stuffed more boxes into the Astro this morning, then went by my sister's house. Because we don't want to infect her, we stood on the sidewalk, my mother came out to meet us, and we gingerly handed her our presents while she gave me mine for my birthday. We exchanged virtual hugs and I promised we'd come down again soon when we weren't potentially disease-inducing. Then we headed for home, making a minimum (for us) of rest stops.

Outside of Reno, we saw an Amtrak train in a siding. That by itself isn't unusual. What was unusual was that it was pointed west, and upon closer inspection, there were two trains. That meant westbound was running about nine hours late and the eastbound was approximately on time as the dispatcher crossed them at Clark siding between Sparks and Fernley. The eastbound train had the usual two "Genesis" locomotives, plus something different behind. We raced home knowing that there was a chance we could be there ahead of it for a closer look.

Amtrak Electric

We got home about 5 PM and I trotted out front. Within a minute, along came the Zephyr with an ACS-64 electric locomotive in tow. These locomotives are manufactured at Siemens' plant in Rancho Cordova (near Sacramento) and then towed out to the East Coast for operation in the Northeast Corridor. Unfortunately, my timing was slightly off (and the train was going 70 MPH) so I didn't get the best shot that I wanted, but I was pleased to get any shot at all under the circumstances.

We unpacked the boxes into the garage (Lisa will sort that out later; she's good at this.) and got our luggage into the house. We got the house and the travel trailer turned back on and brought back to life. I'm about to go get a few groceries to last us tonight and maybe a little longer.

We've enjoyed all of the traveling we've done in the past two months, but it is very much good to be home.
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