Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Bonus Trains

Just as I was getting ready to head to the store for some groceries, I heard a train coming and realized that it was the Union Pacific business train that Lisa and I had seen parked in Sparks on our way home. I yelled for Lisa to come quickly and pulled out my camera.

UP Business Train at Fernley

I was too late to get a shot of the head end unit, the Union Pacific "heritage" unit UP 1996 painted in a tribute to Southern Pacific, but I did get this and several other shots as the business train moved through slowly on the siding. (A BNSF way freight was switching Fernley Yard on the main. We were lucky there was a gap where we could see what we could here.)

Lisa stayed home as I headed out for groceries. I impulsively decided to see if I could get out ahead of the Business Train and take a video of it.

The only reason I had any chance at all to get ahead of this train was that it was in the siding. Once it got clear of East Fernley, it would be allowed 79 MPH. I set out on US-50A, seething at the 35 MPH speed limit until I got to the traffic circle where the limit increases quickly to 65. I could see that train behind me creeping through the switch at East Fernley. I pressed things as much as I dared. Fortunately, there was no other traffic. At Hazen, I almost missed the turn, but got off at the only grade crossing.

It would have been better if I'd gone across the crossing to get the light behind me, but there wasn't time. I could see the headlight of the approaching train and the crossing gates came down just as I got out and set the camera to video. That's why this shot is backlit and blinded by the setting sun.

Having captured this train on video, I returned to Fernley and got the groceries, then went home. I said, "I made a side trip."

"To Hazen?" Lisa asked.


"Good! That's where I told you to go."

"I didn't hear you."

"That's because I told you after you left."

Good thing we were both on the same wavelength.
Tags: fernley, trains, union pacific

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