Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

30 Years in Fandom

My first SF convention was the 1984 Worldcon, L.A.con II, which was thirty years ago this Labor Day Weekend that ended today.

I have no profound observations after thirty years of Worldcons (including every one of them since 1989); on the other hand, I'm not sure I found fandom and then immediately announced that it was obliged to change everything to suit me without me taking an active hand in it. There seem to be people whose reviews of Worldcon amount to, "Old people! Yuck! Die already!" and "You need to run your convention the way I tell you to do so because I obviously know better than you, but of course I can't actually do anything myself and you're being an Old White Guy by not giving me my way."

In my own case, I found that the way to get things your way was to work from the inside. And indeed, sometimes when I was in a power position, I did change things to suit myself. The results have been mixed. The experiment of moving the WSFS Business Meeting to Noon instead of 10 AM was not repeated. Some of the procedural innovations I've introduced to Business Meeting like an increased use of unanimous consent for non-controversial issues and of serpentine voting for those that are seem to both be improvements. But in any event, I didn't say everyone should change to suit me without being willing to put my money where my mouth was.

In any event, there is no Worldcon this weekend because it was three weeks ago. Instead of riding a long-haul bus from Anaheim to Marysville in preparation for going straight to my first day of college, I instead have been sitting around the living room of my home in Fernley trying to rest due to the lurgi had appears to have been the not-so-lovely parting gift from the 2014 Worldcon. I still wouldn't have missed Worldcon for anything.
Tags: health, worldcon

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