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Combating the Green Goo

The Green Goo clogging my chest and head is slightly better today. Lisa continues to be a day or two behind me in her recovery, and continues to sound like she's trying to cough up a lung. So we continue to engage in relatively little activity. I spend my time at the computer doing Day Jobbe and she's staying in bed a lot. However, there is noticeable progress each day, so we're hopeful that by next week we'll be human again.

Today's achievement was to deal with banking issues. Because the 2016 Worldcon uses PayPal as their credit-card acceptance method and because I wanted to do my membership upgrade by credit card, PayPal locked my account (although they did pay MAC2 our money) and only unlocked it after I sent them a lot of documentation and they called me back. They wanted to call me when they first locked the account, but the only phone number they had for me couldn't receive calls in the UK. Now that the account is unlocked again, I added the work phone as an alternative callback number; inasmuch as it works overseas, if I find myself in that same situation, I'll have a working alternative.

Meanwhile, it turns out that one of my cards still had the old Fremont address, and another sent me a new card that arrived the day after we left on the UK trip. It wasn't just a renewal: IHG has changed affinity card programs, so my MasterCard changed into a Visa. It took a while to persuade Quicken to manage all of this.

Slowly, life continues to return to normal after the Summer of Convention Travel.
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