Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rabbit Season

A couple of nights ago, Lisa was going out the front door, stopped, and motioned me to come and look at our visitor.

Rabbit Season

The camera phone isn't good at this sort of shot. I zoomed in, although the zoom isn't that great, either. The good camera was stored away.

Rabbit Season

One of the rabbits was out and about. We have several that we thought had their burrows on one of the vacant lots adjacent to Fernley House. They haven't been as visible as when we first moved in. I've been concerned that the feral cats that infest this part of town have chased the rabbits away and eaten the lizards that were common here two years ago, but at least one of the rabbits is still here. I've seen as many as four at once, but not recently.

I like having the rabbits around. They are dumb bunnies, though. I left them some carrots once out in the middle of that field and they never ate them. I guess they like chewing on sagebrush better.
Tags: fernely, house, wildlife

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