Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Visit to Didcot

I have finally cleared up the photos from our trip to the Didcot Railway Centre on our last full day in the UK. This includes photos of non-vintage trains on the way out and back from/to London Paddington. The DRC is a former Great Western Railway shop and the site is dedicated to the history and heritage of the GWR, including the broad gauge (7 foot) lines.

We enjoyed the day at Didcot, although it was rather damp and we had to leave earlier than we wanted on account of having to get back out to Heathrow that same evening in what turned out to be a bad idea about staying at a Holiday Inn near Heathrow when we could have instead just gone back to our hotel in Southwark and probably made it to the airport at the same time without spending time standing around waiting for buses and sitting on buses doing the Magical Mystery Tour of Heathrow. Live and learn, should we ever find ourselves in the same situation.

By the way, my issue with my primary e-mail is cleared up and the clog cleared.
Tags: england, trains, travel

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