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Today I had a guy from COIT Carpet Cleaning come and quote me $195 to clean the carpets in the apartment. The property management company requests that we do this annually. I scheduled them to come and do the work a week from Monday. That will give me time to clean up the place and get a bunch of the stuff sitting on the floor off the floor so they can get at the carpet.

Speaking of the property management, I called them to ask them to send someone (next week, I hope) to examine a power outlet in the home office that is intermittently shorting. There are so many pieces of computer equipment in there that I really can't be without outlets. In fact, if they have to replace the outlet, I'm going to ask if they might be able to change it from a two to a four or six-outlet box.

Leaving for the train station in a few minutes, on the first leg of the trip to Seaside with Lisa. I do not expect to be on-line much this weekend, although the places I'm staying all have internet connections.

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