Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Just In Time

Lisa and I went to Reno today to Safari RV and bought two new roof vent covers plus a replacement for the holding tank vent. That's because besides needing to replace the cover that blew away, we have a longer-term need to replace the other cover and the vent, Lisa says. That's because they've all deteriorated in the sun over twenty years, as plastic covers do, so this could be considered maintenance. Fortunately, these vents are a standard part, and the standard hasn't been abandoned the way it seems happens too often these days.

When we got home, we got out the ladder again and Lisa installed the replacement cover in about fifteen minutes. About thirty minutes later, we had a few drops of rain, and the current forecast is for a 50% chance of thunderstorms tonight. Whew!

Another search for replacement part did not go as well. There are two wall-mounted reading lights in the RV. During this last trip, when reached up to turn one on, the old, brittle plastic crumbled and it fell off the wall. The manufacturer of that light doesn't appear to exist anymore, and the RV store (which has a very good selection of parts) had nothing the matched the holes on the broken fixture. Lisa has some other RV reading lights, but they won't fit the holes for this fixture. Her idea: get a couple of small wooden trophy bases, mount the replacement lights on the bases (drilling a large hole in the middle of the base to carry the wires), then drill holes in the base to match the mounting studs in the wall. We found wooden trophy bases of the right size at Jo-Ann Fabrics, so we just need to get a pint of wood stain to stain the base and Lisa can get the replacement light mounted soon enough.

On the way home yesterday, I spilled a pumpkin spice coffee on the carpet near the driver's seat while leaving Grass Valley. Although I blotted it up as best I could, this is coffee, and now there's a carpet stain. Also, during the adventures with the power steering fluid, I spilled power-steering fluid on the carpet in the back. So tomorrow we need to find some carpet stain remover and work on cleaning up the mess I made.

Lisa and I were both very tired and cut short our Saturday shopping trip. Because of a medical appointment on Tuesday, we'll need to come back in that afternoon (I'll have to work that night to make up the time for Day Jobbe), and we'll deal with the rest of the large grocery shopping that evening. It probably will be less busy then anyway.
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