Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Really Glad We Fixed the RV's Roof Yesterday

As Lisa and I were finishing up lunch (watching an old television show about the Western Pacific Railroad while eating), we looked outside and saw (and then heard) rain starting to fall. Heavy rain. Really heavy rain. Then hail. Then thunder. We quickly closed the windows as the wind, water, and hail buffeted the house.

I took this brief video of the mixed rain/hail hammering the neighborhood. After a brief lull, an even heavier storm cell dropped more rain on us. It was intense.

Close Call
I also dodged out far enough to take a picture of the Rolling Stone sitting out front. The white dome just visible on the top of the RV is the new roof-vent cover that Lisa installed yesterday to replace the one that tore off when I forgot to close the vent before I left the Bay Area.

The storm lasted maybe thirty minutes and left a lot of standing water. Fernley, being built on a prehistoric lake bed (it's part of the same complex of ancient lake beds as the Black Rock Desert) has awful drainage. We're relatively lucky, as we live near the railroad tracks, which are built along the highest part of town.

I am so relieved that we got the RV fixed yesterday. As it looks like Fernley got close to 20% of its annual rainfall this afternoon, I wouldn't like to think what a mess it would have made of things inside the Rolling Stone if that vent cover had still been missing.
Tags: fernley, lisa, rolling stone, weather

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