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Seaside: Further Away Than I Remembered

There was some difficulty getting from Fremont to the airport, because the train encountered signal problems and had to proceed at a crawl between Fremont and Hayward, but I had lots of slack in my schedule and made it to the airport with more than an hour to spare. The flight was badly overbooked, and they asked for nine volunteers.

Good thing I didn't take the offered "bump," however, as the next flight wasn't until about 8 PM or so, rather than the 4:20 or so we actually left. Even with the flight running more or less on time, we didn't get to Seaside until nearly midnight, because we stopped for dinner in Kelso and to pick up a few groceries before getting to the hotel.

This Holiday Inn Express room is more like a mini-suite, with a half-wall separating the sleeping area from the living area. Pretty nice, and right next to the convention center as well, so Lisa can park the Van of Antennas in a way that shows it off without having to jockey for space in the convention center's parking lot.

The hotel has both wired and wireless internet service, which is good.

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