Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Preparing for Departure

We went to Reno this morning with our hearts set on brunch at the Atlantis. This was made easier by the affinity club kicking out another two-for-one breakfast/lunch coupon. Although we were technically too late for breakfast, we were in the transition between breakfast and lunch and therefore able to get our eggs, bacon, and other breakfast stuff besides the beginning of lunch.

As usual, I marked a keno ticket. Alas, I didn't check the ticket the runner brought back to me that closely. Had I got the ticket I wanted, I would have won a few dollars, but because he couldn't read my handwriting, I got something different that won $1 on a $10 ticket. My fault; the rules clearly state that you need to check the ticket, and the runner even warned me that he'd had trouble with my ticket. I'll check more closely next time.

Suitably filled up (and surprisingly, not spiked on blood sugar), we dealt with a bunch of small errands; fortunately, three of them were at the same shopping center across from the Atlantis. OTOH, Grocery Outlet had run out of a particular item we've discovered that we liked. Grocery Outlet being the kind of place it is, we figured that was the last we'd ever see of it, but there was still a possibility that there was some of it at one of the other GO stores.

After a stop by Safari RV (where they had one of the three things for which we were searching — it's surprisingly difficult to get short RV propane hoses), we headed toward a different Grocery Outlet, and to our delight they had lots of Annie's Cheesy Lasagna mix. We bought a case of it, given that once it's gone, it's probably gone forever. Then it was on to Winco to stock up the house for Lisa while I'm gone next week.

As we drove home around 3 PM, we had the San Francisco Giants-Washington Nationals baseball playoff game on the radio. As I compose this message around 8:45 PM, the game is still going. Yeow!
Tags: baseball, lisa, reno, rolling stone

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