Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Last Evening Repairs

When we got home from Reno this afternoon, Lisa used the one thing we were able to get from Safari RV (a switch) to finish fixing a light fixture she'd replaced last week. The original fixture had broken off in my hand on my last stay in the Bay, and we were unable to match it, so Lisa replaced the entire fixture, including replacing its twin on the other end of the couch so they'd match. This had also required buying some small wooden pieces (they probably are meant to be trophy bases) and staining them to serve as bases for the new fixtures as the only way Lisa could figure out how to adapt the new lights to the old wall studs.

Then Lisa turned her attention to fixing the driver's compartment privacy curtain. The first week we had the RV, one of the snaps had pulled out of the hole in the trim, and I've had to tape it into place and use a temporary patch Lisa had devised. Lisa drilled a new hole, but for some reason the snap wouldn't go onto it. We though it was the way the screw was holding the male snap into place, so she took it out to file it down; however, it turned out that it was actually a problem with the female snap in the curtain, which was easily fixed by pounding on it with the snap-attachment tool we bought in Fallon last weekend.

Unfortunately, now the screw with the male end wouldn't go back into the hole. Lisa complained, "It's like Swiss cheese in there," because this apparently was not the first time someone had drilled a new hole, and the various holes are overlapping and conflicting with each other. Eventually she gave up and put it into a different hole (one holding the trim in place) a few centimeters to the right. But that led to a new problem, in that the original female snap only fit onto the revised location by stretching it dangerously tight. That material is old and we don't want it to tear, so this wasn't going to work.

The obvious solution was to install a new female snap in a new position. However, we used up all of the snaps that had been in the "starter" kit we bought at Big R. It was too late to drive to Fallon to buy refills and the Fernley store isn't open yet. We tried Lowe's. They had snaps, albeit a different brand, and because they had no refill kits, we had to waste money on a new "starter" kit. But we got what we needed.

Returning home again, Lisa put in the new snap. It works, but it's not ideal because now there's an annoying sag in the curtain. But we can get around that by using a binder clip to clip the saggy bit to the sun visor.

One more fix was needed: the side window also has a snap curtain, and one of the snaps had disintegrated. Once again, Lisa installed a new snap and the issue was resolved and I can stop using tape to keep the curtains in place.

During the past week, Lisa also worked on two different stains I'd managed to put in the RV's carpet: one where I spilled power-steering fluid during the adventures with leaking pumps, and one, more serious, where I spilled a Pumpkin Spice Latte on the way out of Grass Valley on the way home; that stuff stains carpet rather annoyingly. With a lot of carpet cleaner and scrubbing, she managed to get most of the stains out.

I'm grateful to Lisa for cleaning and repairing the Rolling Stone for my next trip to the Bay Area. I'm only down there a week this time. Lisa's work does make the RV more comfortable for me to use.
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