Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Not-Frustration at Fernley House

While we are still fuming about the issues with the contractors and NV Energy, there is good news today. Steve-the-plumber, who moonlights as a chimney/furnace cleaner, came by today and did the annual sweep of our wood stove chimney. He came when he said he would, did what he said he would, and charged us a reasonable price. I think $100 is cheap insurance against a chimney fire.

Lisa is very nearly ready to tell the contractor, "Forget it" and maybe contact a different electrician with whom we'd discussed this work over a year ago and just upgrade the electrical main box to the 125A maximum that the current drop from the utility pole can handle. Lisa says she can do all of the other work (like running a line from the box to the bathroom where we want to install the water heater and installing a cut-off switch for it there) herself with my help.
Tags: house, lisa

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