Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Anniversary Dinner

Dinner at the Atlantis Steakhouse was very good, as you'd expect from an AAA 4-diamond restaurant. I had an excellent New York Steak, and Lisa had a lobster tail and filet mignon. (She shared one of the filets with me and I gave her a third of my steak.) While we were contemplating whether we should have a desert, they brought over a small ice cream cake with "Happy Anniversary" drawn in chocolate on the plate, and they also gave us two coffee cakes to go. The ice cream was more than enough for desert, and we called it a night there. (The coffee cake is also excellent, although bad for the blood sugar.)

This is not a place we can afford to go very often, but I'm glad we went last night, and Lisa thanked me for doing something nice for our wedding anniversary.
Tags: lisa, reno, restaurants
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