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They Roll the Sidewalks up at Night, This Place Goes Underground...

Seaside is, I thought, supposed to be seaside resort, a place where people can go to enjoy themselves. Then why the heck do all of the restaurants close at 9:30 and 10 PM?

We ate lunch late, so we weren't hungry until after 9:30, and so we went out for a walk into the downtown district. There are lots of restaurants. They almost all seem to close at either 9:30 or 10 PM. Those that are open after that are only open in their bars; their food service ends at 9:30. There is a nice Cajun-style restaurant right next to our hotel, but its dining room closes at 9:30, and besides, there was a Loud Band playing in the bar portion -- we would not have wanted dinner with that much din.

We decided to give up on downtown and walk out to US 101 (only a couple of blocks). There is a KFC on the other side of the Safeway store across the highway. We went up there and found that their front door is locked at 10 PM; after that it's drive through only. The heck with that. Safeway at least is open until 1 AM, and we have a microwave oven in our room. We bought an eight-piece set of fried chicken and took it back to the room. This was less expensive than any of the meals we would have bought, and more relaxing. But that's more money that Seaside's economy has lost because everything shut down too early.

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