Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Plan C: Tidying Up

Because we have an older-style electrical circuit box, it's difficult to obtain circuit breakers locally and we had to buy one through an electrical parts salvage operation on eBay. It arrived on Saturday, and Lisa decided the best way to not lose it was to install it. We powered down the main breaker again (this time for just a few minutes) and Lisa snapped the breaker onto the main bus.

Full House
This is what it looks like with the new 30A breaker installed at the top, above the 50A circuit we re-connected a couple of days ago. The blue tape is the wiring for that circuit, which is in the box but not yet connected. Lisa doesn't intend to connect it to the breaker until she's drilled the hole in the bathroom floor and run the conduit under the house and up to the cut-off box for the hot water heater, and for safety she won't do that until I get home again.

This fills up the electrical bus; however, Lisa thinks that if we really needed to do so, we could probably pull every breaker and move them all down just slightly to make room for one more single-width breaker, probably for a 20A line on thinner wire. We have no immediate plans for this, but it's good to know we still have expansion options if we need it. It probably wouldn't happen until we replace the master 100A breaker with a 125A breaker to bring the box up to its maximum capacity and power available from our utility drop. Unless we do eventually decide to bite the approximately $6000 cost to drop a 200A line and replace the box entirely.

I got away for the Bay Area before 8 AM this morning and made excellent time, which meant I was able to get to my office, where there is a television set in the break room. So I'll get to see at least one World Series game instead of only listening on the radio. Not that there's anything wrong with the KNBR radio coverage. I'd listen to it in preference to the television commentators from Fox, but I don't want to go to the effort of installing the software necessary to delay the radio coverage to match the TV coverage.
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