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Return to Jantzen Beach

After checking out of the hotel in Seaside today, we drove to Long Beach, Washington, where there is one of the few places that has a large collection of working pinball machines. (Pinball machines are much more difficult to keep maintained than most video games.) We played a lot of pinball, and took another beach walk after lunch, then headed on to Portland. We're at the Holiday Inn Express Jantzen Beach, not too far from the hotel that hosted OryCon for many years and is now a vacant shell.

Unfortunately, the wired internet connection in the room won't connect, even after the front desk tried unplugging and re-plugging the connection at their end, and the hotel's wireless won't reach up to the fourth floor. So came downstairs to the lobby, where the wireless works. However, it's not what I wanted, and it means that things I expected to do tonight won't get done until after I get home or maybe not until Tuesday.

Although the pool is nice and the location is quiet, the wonky internet access means I'm unlikely to return to this hotel when there are so many other options.

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