Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Winter on the Horizon

Yesterday morning I took this picture as a train came through Fernley.

First Snowfall Visible
Beyond the train and the trees, and below the clouds, you can see snow on the hills. That's not the Sierra Nevada (which is fifty miles west of Fernley and not visible to us here) but the range of lower hills that separate the Fernley/Wadsworth area from Reno/Sparks. (The Truckee River cuts a gorge through these hills; that's where the railroad and Interstate 80 run.)

It's getting cold enough here to need to start using the fireplace again. That means we'd better go buy firewood. We'd hoped to be able to get it from Big R Fernley, but the oft-delayed opening seems to continue to be a mirage on the horizon, despite the large amount of activity and the growing supply of goods stocking up in their yard, so I guess we'll be hitching up the utility trailer to the Astro and heading for Fallon soon.
Tags: house, weather
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