Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Not Much News on the Tinnitus Front

I took Lisa to the specialist in Reno who is treating her tinnitus. She's been wearing the custom dental appliance as much as she can manage, and it's possible that there's been a tiny bit of improvement, but not a significant amount. It's early days yet, and the doctor has some other things we can try as well. Lisa still thinks that this dental treatment to try and move her jaw back into position to un-pinch the nerves is the best hope we have for a cure. If only we'd known this was the problem back in 2007 when it started to afflict her.

I took my MiFi with me and worked for an hour while the doctor examined Lisa, which is good because the Day Jobbe had an urgent call for support just before we left for Reno. After the visit, we went to the Atlantis (it's only two blocks from his office), had dinner, and did our weekly large grocery shopping at WinCo. Lisa drove us home because I've been up since 6 AM and was starting to fade a bit.

It's a good thing we drove to Fallon yesterday and bought a pallet of firewood, as the temps here have been dropping below freezing overnight and I've started to have to build a fire to keep the living room/working area at a relatively comfortable 20°C. We had less than a two week supply of firewood in the woodbox left over from last spring. Sometime in the next few days we'll hitch up the trailer again and drag it over closer to the woodbox so we can unload the pallet of wood into the box.
Tags: lisa, tinnitus

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