Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Good Day for Yard Work

For various reasons, Lisa's sleep schedule is currently about 12 hours out of phase with mine, which means when I get up in the morning (typically around 6 AM) these days, she's nearing the end of her day and typically goes out and sleeps during the day in the travel trailer, coming out sometime around or after sundown. Woe be unto anyone thinking they can sneak onto our property this week; one or the other of us is awake at any time of the day or night.

This morning, we made a virtue of this and after I got up and squared away, we drove to Reno, had breakfast at the Atlantis buffet, and dealt with a couple of errands. We needed a part from Safari RV, and that became two because they finally got the short (12-inch) propane hoses back in stock. One of the two propane feed lines (one for each tank) developed a leak a few weeks ago, so Lisa shut it off. Once she gets the new line installed, she'll be able to use both tanks, which means no more having the propane furnace stop heating in the middle of the night. (With both bottles in place, there's a cut-over valve that automatically swaps to the second bottle when the first runs out. As long as you check the valve regularly, you shouldn't ever run out of propane.) We also took the Astro by Big O Tires and had the tires rotated; it had been 11,000 miles since the last one, including the trip to Salt Lake City for Westercon, and they were well overdue for this preventive maintenance.

We got home late morning and Lisa headed off to bed. After something of a cold snap, the weather has gotten someone warmer (enough to let the fire go out), and I decided to kit up and go get some yard work done.

I plied the rake and clippers against the tumbleweeds infesting the yard in front of our fence. I wish I'd taken a "before" photo.

Yard Work
This may not look that impressive, but to get an idea of what it looked like before I started, cast your eye beyond the mailbox in the distance. (That's approximately the west boundary of our property; there's a vacant lot between us and the house on the corner 150 feet away.) Our front yard looked much like that vacant lot (except for the gravel) before I started.

The tumbleweeds and leaves are now sacked up for next week's trash run. There's also now a pile of brush as I also trimmed back a lot of the trees hanging over our fence so I can walk along the fence without being attacked by branches.
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