Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Hot Time in the Old Stone

As the overnight lows start dropping below freezing, Lisa pointed out to me that we need to protect the Rolling Stone from freezing. Unlike the travel trailer, which is kept "hot" all the time, the RV sits unattended for long stretches. This doesn't matter when the weather's nice, but hot water heaters that freeze make for Bad News.

Earlier this week, Lisa tried to get the propane furnace in the RV to start. Nothing. She tried to light the hot water heater. Nothing. We know there is propane in the system because the propane stove will light. When we went to Safari RV to buy winterizing fluid, we made an appointment to bring the RV to them a week from Monday to have them see what's going on.

Yesterday, Lisa gave it another shot, and lo and behold, eventually both the furnace and water heater lit up. Lisa speculates that because the RV had sat for so long (before we bought it) without being used, there was a bunch of air in the propane lines, and it took many tries before the propane finally flushed the air out of the system sufficiently to light it off.

We called Safari RV and cancelled the appointment. Lisa heated up the hot water tank last night but turned if off overnight. Temps went to about -3°C last night. She says the water in the RV was very cold today, but no harm came of it. We'll have to pay close attention to the weather forecast. We'd rather not run the propane appliances unnecessarily.

I mentioned the winterizing fluid. This is non-toxic fluid that keeps your RV's water system from freezing. Although it's not actually poisonous, you wouldn't want to drink it any more that you'd want to eat toothpaste. This isn't such a big deal for me because I haven't been drinking the water in the RV's limited supply anyway. It's primarily for the toilet and for washing hands, since I mostly use the RV just for sleeping. The current plan is for when I bring the RV home after the next trip to fill it about 50% with the winterizing fluid before we leave it sitting while we head to SMOFCon. I'll still need to use it for some work trips (roughly one week in three) during the winter, though, so we'd rather not have to completely fill it with the winterizing fluid if we can get by with a 50/50 mix.

Complicated things, RVs.
Tags: lisa, rolling stone, work

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