Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Preparing for Departure Again

The Rolling Stone is mostly packed for travel. Because the weather forecast for tonight says it's going down to -5°C, we lit off the RV's water heater. I have a checklist pinned to the dashboard for tomorrow morning that includes "turn off water heater" including closing the propane bottle because we don't consider it safe to run the propane appliances while under way.

This afternoon we went over to Lowe's looking for adhesive felt pads to put on furniture. We have four plastic bins useful for storing linens under the bed; however, Lisa is concerned that they will scratch the hardwood veneer floor, so the felt pads are to protect the floor. Lowe's had three brands, all made in China; we skipped them. We then went to Big R in Fallon (we were going to go there anyway because they had a clothing sale and Lisa was looking for another shirt like the red-check one she wore a lot while we were in London) and found that they had three brands, but not the same ones as Lowe's (for a wonder), and they were made in China, Canada, and the USA. We bought the American-made ones and would have bought the Canadian ones if the US-made ones weren't there. Voting with our wallets, you might say. We also found several other things we've been needing to get, and others we decided to give a try, like some socks that claim to offer a lifetime guarantee: if they ever wear out, they'll replace them. I'm willing to give that a shot, although of course I'll need to save the packaging and remember the guarantee if the socks ever wear out.

The word from Big R in Fallon is that the Fernley Big R really will open, this time for sure, on Wednesday. I won't be there, but Lisa will be.

As we headed home, it started raining. When we went out to light the water heater, Lisa commented that she didn't think it felt like rain. She's right; it was actually very wet snow, although not much of it, and it quit shortly thereafter. The weather forecast for tonight shows a 30% chance of light snow, but fortunately no snow expected over Donner tomorrow, so I should be okay for the drive to the Bay Area tomorrow morning.
Tags: fernley, house, lisa

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