Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


I was so preoccupied with the cold and its potential effect on the Rolling Stone that I forgot to put some important things in the RV before I left.

Less critical was things like shampoo, a wash cloth, and shave cream. (I remembered my razor, but not the gel.) That I can buy and I'll just have extra. Indeed, I really should just keep those things in the RV and never take them out.

More importantly, and nowhere near as easy to replace, was my high blood pressure and diabetes medication. I'd packed a two week supply in a small tote bag several days ago, then forgot to put the tote bag into the RV after packing the bag. Now I'm not insulin-dependent, and so missing a couple of days' doses won't kill me, but it's very unfortunate.

I called Lisa last night, and she offered to actually drive down to the Bay Area today with my medication, but I said, "That's a 600 mile round trip in one day! You don't need to do it." She's going to send me the medication. I'll have it no later than Wednesday, and I usually carry one or two days' doses on me, so I'm only going to miss a few doses.

Just as Lisa and I have been creating a written checklist for securing Fernley House before we go on a trip (with cold-weather variations), I'm going to need to make a written checklist for travel in the RV to make sure everything I have to have is with me including critical things like my medication.
Tags: diabetes, lisa, rv, travel

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