Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

And I'm Back

It's clear that Wal-Mart Yuba City abides by the general policy of leaving RVs alone. The big fifth-wheel trailer I parked next to last night didn't just have its slide-out extended, but it had a generator plugged in and running. My comparison, I'm just a toy parked there for a few hours. I'll remember this for future trips. My concern over such things is not academic: I have been rousted from one parking location because the security guard didn't want people sleeping in vehicles. Parking them all night was okay, but not sleeping in them.

This morning I woke up absurdly early — apparently my body clock thought it was Monday — and had to kill quite a bit of time before going over to briefly visit with my sister around Noon. After that, it was up into the mountains through Grass Valley/Nevada City and on to Donner Summit (where the only snow on the ground is a the man-made stuff at Boreal ski resort, alas) and home.

An advantage of driving an RV: Around Cisco Grove, I started to get pretty tired and needed to close my eyes for a while. I stopped there and went into the back and laid down on the sofa for maybe ten minutes. I don't think I actually went to sleep, but I felt better when I got back behind the wheel.

I got home just before dark, and our first priority (it couldn't be postponed due to ongoing overnight lows below freezing) was to go dump the waste tanks in the Rolling Stone as well as most of the fresh water and to pour a couple of bottles of RV winterizing (antifreeze) solution into the fresh water tank. It was when we went to do the latter that we realized that we did not have an appropriate funnel. The only funnels we had had been used for oil or transmission fluid, and were not appropriate for filling fresh water tanks. Fortunately, Big R hadn't quite yet closed (hooray for the nearby store again) and we could dash over and get a funnel to be dedicated to this purpose.

It turns out that we didn't really get enough of the winterizing fluid, but we have the tanks to the point where Lisa's not worried about damage tonight. We will go back to Big R tomorrow and buy several more bottles of the solution, however, as we need to get enough of it circulating through the system to protect the hot water tank and the water pump, those being the most vulnerable parts of the system.

Now I need to finish unpacking and unwind enough to sleep. The bad part of staying over those extra nights is that I don't have as much recovery time from the drives to be ready to go to work the next day as usual.
Tags: family, rolling stone

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