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More Waiting at PDX

The 5:00 flight left at 5:45 after a maintenance delay. Even so, there was one person who didn't show up for it. Her sister, who was on the flight with her, was frantic, but couldn't reach her. ("She has a cell phone, but it's only for emergencies and it's not turned on and she's mostly deaf anyway.") The sister who was at the gate went ahead and boarded the plane, as did every other confirmed passenger. The sister who didn't show up freed up one seat, but that went to the poor woman who missed her 6 AM flight and had been waiting around all day to try and get on a plane, which seemed only fair to me.

So now I'm back to my confirmed reservation, which was the scheduled 8:05 departure that currently shows a planned ETD of 10:25 PM, and arrival OAK 12:08 AM. This is too late to make it to BART -- BART gates close at midnight.

But I do have an idea: There is an 8:05 PM departure for San Francisco that is currently showing on time. If I can get on that flight, which arrives SFO 9:54 PM, I can take BART home. I might even be able to take BART to Oakland Coliseum, take the bus to the airport, retrieve my luggage, take the bus back to BART, and go home from there; however, the more likely scenario has me going home and then driving to OAK tomorrow sometime to rescue my luggage. This would be annoying -- I'd be without my CPAP tonight, for instance -- but not catastrophic.

It's likely that my luggage went on ahead of me, as this usually is what happens in these standby situations, I've found. This at least means that I shouldn't have to wait long to get to my luggage when I eventually do get to Oakland.

If this scheme doesn't work out, I might be better off if they need to bump people here at Portland and just stay the night here and work something out for work tomorrow. OTOH, I absent-mindedly packed my blood pressure medication in the checked luggage, so even though I remembered to put an extra dose in my travel kit, I don't have the travel kit with me. It won't kill me, but it's not a good thing.

Update, 18:25: I'm now on standby for the 8:05 flight, and the agent confirmed that my luggage went on without me. (The "V/S" on my luggage claim ticket means "Voluntary Separation" and means I agreed they could do this, which I did.) While I won't know for another hour whether I'll get a seat, the agent seemed cheerful about it, saying that there were nine seats open on the flight.

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