Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Grey Friday

Initially we really didn't want to leave the house at all on Friday, but Big R announced a one-day sale of 10% off everything, and we needed firewood anyway, so this afternoon we hitched up the trailer and went over to the new store. There was some initial confusion because every time I said "firewood," they heard "wood pellets," which is not what we wanted. Unfortunately, they'd sold their last three pallets of firewood that morning. Fortunately, they let us buy a pallet at the sale price today; we can collect it on Tuesday when they get their next shipment. Had it been an urgent need (it's not), we could have driven to Fallon, which is where they'll be getting their next shipment. (Fallon's store is much larger than Fernley's, and apparently is acting as a sort of sub-distribution center for it.) We then went around the new store getting familiar with it and buying some things we've been meaning to buy for a while (like more fireplace glass cleaner), so it's not like we're really being trapped by Black Friday sales, is it?

Looking at all of the things available from Big R, I continue to be happier and happier that they are here. For example, they carry many RV supplies. Indeed, if we'd known about the planned Black Friday/Grand Opening sale, we would have postponed our purchase of additional RV antifreeze. While we have nothing against Safari RV and are glad they are there, being able to buy supplies just down the street rather than 30 miles away in Reno is a big deal.

After taking the trailer home and parking it, we went to Walgreen's where there was a 25% off one-day-only sale. I'm running short on Breath-Right strips, and would have bought more than the one box they had on the shelf if possible. Again, we tried to restrain ourselves to buying things we've been meaning to pick up or that we would expect to be buying in the medium-term future anyway, in order to make the best of the discount.

In any event, we never went more than a couple of miles from the house, and we definitely didn't wade into Reno's anticipated mob of traffic and shoppers. OTOH, the buy-one-get-one-half-price sale at SAS in Reno is very attractive, Lisa needs new shoes, and it ends tomorrow, so maybe we'll assay a short trip there. But not to the mall, definitely not.
Tags: fernley, shopping

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