Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Rainy Reno

Lisa had an appointment with the dental specialist working on her jaw and the tinnitus (short summary: no improvement so far, alas). So we needed to go into Reno this afternoon. I brought my Day Jobbe computer with me and worked for an hour while the doctor examined and consulted with Lisa, discussing what else they can do for her. It rained most of the day, making the drive to and from Reno, particularly the trip home in the dark after we had dinner at the Atlantis, not much fun.

Tomorrow, Day Jobbe accomplishments permitting, we hope to leave soon after lunch and head toward Bishop on our trip to SMOFCon. Here's hoping we don't forget any of the things we want with us for the trip.
Tags: lisa, reno, smofcon, tinnitus, weather
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