Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

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Home Before Midnight, Barely

I did manage to get a seat on the SFO-bound flight, which landed at SFO before my original Oakland-bound flight left PDX. (Both flights are ordinarily scheduled to depart at 8:05 PM.) I did not try the trick of getting off at Oakland Coliseum and riding back and forth to the airport to retrieve my luggage -- too much chance of getting stuck there. As it was, the BART train I was on arrived Fremont about 20 minutes before midnight. I took a short taxi ride home, and got in just before Midnight. This is still much better (and cheaper; $7.35 BART fare and $10 for the taxi) than having to take a taxi home from Oakland airport and getting home about 1:30 AM or thereabouts.

I'm sure glad I'm planning to work from home tomorrow.
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