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Rockin' it Northbound

After clearing the LA Basin, we made a brief stop in Santa Clarita for me to get coffee, then we put miles under us heading toward Bishop. We stopped again at Lancaster and ate breakfast at the Carrows near the Holiday Inn Express where we stayed coming the other way. Lisa drove the next stint out of Lancaster through Mojave, and into Red Rock Canyon, which allowed me to take some photos of the interesting geography going on there.

Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon
Red Rock Canyon
As usual, follow the links through the photos to see more.

Shortly after CA-14 fed us back into US-395, Lisa pulled over and we traded off again. We made excellent time, getting in to the Vagabond Inn in Bishop just after 3 PM. For us, that's really good for going about 250 miles. It also meant that I was in time for a Day Jobbe conference call at 4 PM for which I was optional but which I did not really want to miss.

They gave us the same room we had going the other way. Lisa was amused to see that the blue tape she'd applied to the blinking lights on the smoke detector were still there.

While I did two hours of Day Jobbe work, Lisa hung out in the hotel lobby reading a book and then when that tired, she went for a walk around the streets of Bishop. She was dressed about the same way she had been during SMOFCon: designer jeans, a red-check shirt, and a coat, with travelswithkuma riding in a backpack. While walking around seeing what there was to see, she was surprised when a shabby-looking guy on a bicycle pulled up to her. She thought he was about to ask for money, and was even more surprised when he started to tell her where the Salvation Army and a local homeless shelter was. Apparently, anyone walking and wearing a backpack (as opposed to driving a car) is assumed to be homeless. Sigh.

After I got done with Day Jobbe, we went to dinner at Aaron Schat's Roadhouse located a short distance from the hotel. There I had a decent if not particularly interesting burger. Lisa's burger was so underdone as to be nearly raw and she had to send it back. The second attempt was much better, and their garlic Parmesan fries were quite good. To try and walk this off, we walked down to Vons and got some egg nog for Lisa and milk for me, then back to the hotel.

Getting some rest tonight seems like a capital idea to both of us. I still have to be up early tomorrow to take the Astro in to the GM dealership to have them fix the headlight relay, and I have to do it first thing in the morning because I have another Day Jobbe conference call at 8 AM so I have to leave enough time to walk back up to the hotel from the dealership. Fingers crossed that I can make it, although fortunately I'm not a required attendee, just an optional one.
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