Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Rest of the Trip

The trip down to the Bay Area was more than just mysterious clunking sounds and a loose steering stabilizer.

Snow at the Summit
When I took a restroom break at the Donner Summit rest area on I-80, this was the scene. In the distance, a group of cross-country skiers were setting out, with at least a meter of snow on the ground.

Snow at the Summit
Here's what it looked like out the "back porch" of the rest area, looking out on the now iced-over pond behind the building.

It was below freezing, and the Boreal ski area was merrily making more snow. I'm happy to see natural snow on the ground accumulating up here, and I hope there's lots more to come — just not while I'm here.

After dealing with removing the steering stabilizer from the RV, I decided to risk heading up into the Oakland hills for the Locus party. Parking up there is dicey in a small car, let alone the 19-foot-long, 13-foot-high Rolling Stone. Somehow, I managed to find a spot into which I could squeeze, and for a wonder it was even roughly flat, which is a rarity in Them Thar Hills.

As it happens, Cheryl Morgan has been on the same continent as me this past few days, doing work for a client in Toronto. (Canada not yet having been totally subsumed by the US Terrorism Security-theatre Agency, which in case you haven't been paying attention refused Cheryl entry through what at best is a bureaucratic snafu, but is apparently all-but-unresolvable in the age of Security Uber Alles and that's why you don't see Cheryl in the USA anymore.) She was heading to Toronto airport as I was picking my way up into the Oakland hills.

Locus Holiday Party
Many people at the party asked after Cheryl, and I snapped this photo (and posted it to Twitter about the time her flight to London was boarding) announcing "Say Hi to Cheryl Morgan!"

I didn't stay too late at the party. Besides the stress of the RV work today, I have to be up at 5 AM as is my usual pattern when working down here. Lisa called while I was heading to my laying-up point. I'd forgotten to remind her this morning that I was going to the Locus party, and she'd forgotten I was going, and thus was very worried that she'd not heard from me. At the first opportunity, I called her, reassured her, and filled her in about the stabilizer. Despite my trying to break it to her gently ("I'm fine, nothing's wrong, we can fix everything!") she was horrified when I broke the news to her, but as I said in my previous LJ entry, this is not a critical failure, just an annoyance that can be fixed.
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