Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

$250 Mistake

At work this morning, I dropped my computer/reading glasses on the floor near my desk while running over to help a co-worker with something. When I came back, I forgot about the other glasses until I stepped on them and broke the frame.

My computer was out of service most of the day while they worked on installing an OS on a new, larger hard drive, so it wasn't much of a loss of my time for me to go over to where I bought the glasses originally. Unfortunately, they said they couldn't fix the frame, only replace it. They found frames that fit the existing lenses (which do not need changing on these close-in glasses; I need new distance-vision glasses, but that's different). Even with them not charging their normal fee for resetting existing lenses, that ended up costing me $250 including $25 warranty in case I do this again.

And on top of that, the installation went sour. Late in the day, while rebooting after installing 16 of 65 Win7 updates, the computer hung up with a "system corrupted" message and no way to repair it because it hadn't yet reached the point of creating a system image. I was able to swap back to the earlier drive, but it was a pretty much wasted day.
Tags: health, work

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