Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Prisoner of the Weather

I can't go home today because it's snowing heavily with chain restrictions over Donner Summit. Even if I had tire chains for the Rolling Stone, which I do not, I would rather not chance the trip over the top, particularly with the steering stabilizer out of service.

My plan had been to go home tomorrow, but the revised weather forecast now seems to project snow all day tomorrow as well. That complicates things because we need to be in El Dorado Hills on Sunday night as we're going to a wedding on Monday morning in Placerville. While the weather on Sunday and Monday is supposed to be okay, it puts Lisa and me on opposite sides of the mountains. Lisa may have to drive down from Fernley in the Small Orange Pickup (which is has 4WD and snow tires if necessary), carrying my suit and other sundry items, with us convoying back. We'll discuss the situation tonight and tomorrow based on the latest weather.

I'm not complaining about the weather. We desperately need the rain and snow, lots of it, and even with a very wet winter we'll probably still be facing water restrictions next year as I don't foresee there being enough rainfall to refill the aquifers in a single winter; however, it is personally inconvenient when you need to cross the Sierra crest five times in eight days right around Christmas.
Tags: lisa, travel, weather

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