Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Wedding Day in Placerville

Lisa and I checked out of the hotel room this morning in good order and made the short trip up to the El Dorado County Clerk's office in Placerville, where we met up with Rick Hallock and his soon-to-be wife Elizabeth Dewar.

Lisa had the camera and took photos of the event.
Hallock Wedding Day
First stop was the Clerk's office to do the final pre-ceremony paperwork and pay the fees. While they were doing this, Rick's brother Bob and Bob's girlfriend Marilyn arrived.

Hallock Wedding Day
The six of us repaired downstairs to the nice atrium of the Clerk's office, where a deputy clerk performed the ceremony. You see me here at left reaching into my jacket pocket to produce the rings.

Hallock Wedding Day
With the exchange of rings and vows, Rick and Elizabeth Hallock were wed and it was time for a few more photos. Here I'm at left while Rick's brother Bob is at far right. Bob and I went back up to the clerk's office after the ceremony to sign off as the official witnesses.

Hallock Wedding Day
The happy couple get everyone else out of the way for a photo of just the two of them.

Lisa/Kuma/Kevin at Hallock Wedding
I persuaded Lisa to come out from behind the camera for a photo with me and travelswithkuma.

The full album of photos from Rick & Elizabeth's Wedding Day is on my Flickr account.

After the ceremony, we went out to lunch in Placerville, then went to Rick & Elizabeth's house in Diamond Springs. Rick showed us around the house, which includes his collection of movie memorabilia, including the material from our amateur Doctor Who movie, "The Zombie Legions" (see also Part 2 and Part 3) and its sequel, "Those Darn Daleks" (see also Part 2 and Part 3). That includes the TARDIS door, the Dalek, K-9, and other less bulky stuff.

I was very tickled that this clapboard was still set up for "Those Darn Daleks" after all these years.

We spent a very entertaining afternoon, but after all too short a time, we needed to leave and head for home. I promised that it wouldn't be such a long time between visits next time.

Back in 1996, Rick was best man at Lisa and my wedding as we rolled along the tracks on a Portland Vintage Trolley. Today I was able to repay the favor, and was delighted to be able to be there at Rick's side.
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