Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Racing the Wind

There was a fast-moving storm coming through today, although you wouldn't have known it by this morning's clear weather. However, by mid-afternoon you could see the storm clouds moving east, with Reno/Sparks already under the hammer. With temperatures forecast to be well below freezing for the next few nights, it was imperative that we get the Rolling Stone's holding tanks drained. Lisa and I drove over to the dumping facility, fighting a horrible headwind. I drove even more slowly than usual because the gusty winds were pushing me in all directions. Coming back, the headwind turned into a tailwind and it felt like I could have coasted home at 35 mph with the motor turned off.

We got home and Lisa stowed the RV while I moved the Astro around to the front of the house in preparation for our trip tomorrow. Fortunately, this storm (which is blowing a gale as I post this) should be gone by tomorrow, and therefore I expect relatively clear sailing for Christmas Day itself, as we go first to Yuba City to deliver presents and then on to San Jose where we'll be spending Christmas and Boxing Day nights.
Tags: rolling stone, weather

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