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Man About the House

We checked out of the Holiday Inn yesterday and went to the Jiffy Lube where I've been having my vehicles serviced for a long time. Turns out that nearly everything was due, and I spent over $300 having all of the services done, including the fuel system and transmission. The Astro did run and shift much better after they did the work. We then headed home, Lisa taking the middle shift of driving between Lodi Junction and Colfax, including a stop at the In-N-Out in Auburn for dinner. Both there and at the Colfax Starbucks and just watching the line of headlights going down the hill, I take it that a lot of people decided to try to beat the go-home traffic and leave the ski slopes and gaming tables early. I'm glad we were going the other way.

When we got home, neither the house nor the trailer nor the Rolling Stone were frozen, although with the trailer thermometer reading 4°C, it was a near thing. We poured more RV anti-freeze into the Rolling Stone. I got the fire going in the house, where it was 10°C. We went to bed early as it was about the only way to stay warm and besides, we were tired from all the driving.

Today was deliberately a day of rest. I slept in very late and mainly just read and caught up on e-mail and such while stoking the fireplace and keeping the fans running to try and get the front part of the house back up to a more comfortable temperature. Day Jobbe looms tomorrow, after all.
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