Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Reno New Year's Eve

I had a promotional offer from Cost Plus World Market we wanted to use before it expired at the end of the year, so we went into Reno after I got done with Day Jobbe this afternoon. We also made one last try to get some of the good Strauss Creamery eggnog from Whole Foods Market, but that failed. We then went to the Atlantis, where their NYE Buffet was bustling, but the wait wasn't too awful long for a group of 2. (The big groups had to wait much longer.) I'm afraid the special buffet is wasted somewhat on us — among other things, we don't drink, so the included champagne was useless. I was a bit amused at the people who built huge mountains of crab legs on their plates. "Do they not know they're allowed to come back for seconds?" I speculated.

travelswithkuma had his Keno Bear hat on tonight, and the $10 ticket won $20 and therefore paid for the tip to the keno runner and the waitress.

Instead of staying in Reno for NYE festivities, we decided to go home early. We didn't even go grocery shopping, being too tired for it. We're home now and 2015 in the Pacific Time Zone can arrive without our help.
Tags: casinos, kuma bear, reno

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