Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

The Fire Hydrant Incident Follow-Up

As I reported from Lisa last week, a big rig drove over the fire hydrant (including the four concrete bollards surrounding it) across the street from our house. Last night, Lisa reported the impressively quick follow up from the North Lyon County Fire Department.

Front Street Hydrant Accident -- Aftermath
The day after Lisa reported the knocked-over hydrant, they came out and put the hydrant back in place (it's the same fixture) and reset the bollards. Lisa says the wet area around the hydrant is from where they were testing it to make sure it works.

I still hope that the idiot truck driver had the floor ripped out from his trailer for being so stupid as to drive right over four concrete bollards and a fire hydrant without even noticing.
Tags: house, lisa
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