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It was a nice sunny day today in Fernley, and after sleeping in for five hours (thus reclaiming last week's cumulative sleep deficit), Lisa and I went out and did the necessary tank-dumping on the Rolling Stone. I think it likely that if I ever have to do a three-week stint, I'll have to find a place to dump the tanks that doesn't cost too much in the Bay Area. (There's a free municipal site not too far from our house in Fernley, which is why I try to wait until I get home to do so.)

This is a short turnaround week because I have to be down there the week of the 26th again for one week. Therefore I won't be able to put it in to have the steering stabilizer put back on until sometime in February. The RV drives okay (I'm getting more used to it), but it's smoother handling when that stabilizer is in place.

We had lunch at the local Black Bear Diner, got groceries, took one of the propane bottles to get it refilled at Hanneman Service, and collected the mail. That's about all of the excitement I can stand this weekend.
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