Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee


Last night, Lisa and I drove south of Fernley in an attempt to find a dark and clear area to see if we could see Comet Lovejoy, taking our binoculars with us. Although it's not Reno, Fernley has too much light pollution for this kind of sky-watching. We did find a place about two-third of the way to Silver Springs where we could pull off of US-95A; however, cars coming along every three or four minutes made this less than ideal. Still, once the moon set, we had some windows of opportunity, particularly if we looked away from the road as cars went by. We think we were able to see a fuzzy spot (as opposed to hard points of light of the surrounding stars), but not a tail, using our binoculars.

I expect that the Tonopah Star Trails walk at new moon a few days ago was more interesting than usual, what with the comet being near its peak visibility.
Tags: astronomy, fernley, tonopah
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