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Canals and Wild Horses

Lisa and I went to Reno this morning and had brunch at the Atlantis, then did some grocery shopping. As usual, being full of buffet restrained us from over-buying from the grocery store.

On the way home, we impulsively decided to explore an exit off I-80 west of Fernley to see where the road goes. Where Exit 40/Painted Rock Road goes is to a road running along the bank of the Truckee Canal, and we followed it out to where it petered out at a locked gate before making our way back toward home. Partway back, Lisa noticed a photographic opportunity on the hillside overlooking the canal.

Wild Horses Near Truckee Canal
A small herd of wild horses were grazing up above the canal. There are lots of wild horses in this area; enough that the highways have warning signs about them, along with the Open Range warnings about cattle. There are a couple more photos in my Flickr photostream just before this one.

After our brief horse encounter, we headed home, where Lisa helped prep the Rolling Stone for my trip back to the Bay Area tomorrow.
Tags: fernley, nevada, wildlife

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