Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

And So to the Bay Area

I helped Lisa fill the Rolling Stone water tank this morning before leaving for the Bay Area. I couldn't do it any sooner than this morning because last night's low was -4°C and I couldn't risk things freezing up. I headed west over Donner Summit, where there is far too little snow and I worry about what we're going to do for water this coming year given that we really need multiple heavy-snow years just to catch back up. Then it was on to Marysville where I visited with my sister and mother for a while before making my relatively slow (mostly 55 MPH on I-5, which means I'm very definitely spending all of my time in the slow lane) way back down to the Bay Area, where the current plan is for me to be here just this week, returning home Friday afternoon.
Tags: family, rolling stone, work

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