Kevin Standlee (kevin_standlee) wrote,
Kevin Standlee

Good Choice

Because of the forecast bad weather for Friday, Lisa and I drove from Fernley to Union City via I-80 and Folsom (where my sister is; details in friends' post to follow), getting to the Holiday Inn Express UC around 11 PM Thursday night. Looking at how the weather was today both here in the Bay Area and in the Sierra Nevada, I think we made the right choice, even with having to pay an extra $150 for the extra hotel night (the weekend nights are significantly less expensive). I heard on the news that winds were in excess of 60 mph at Donner Summit and gusting more than 100 mph on the higher peaks. I saw a tweet that a big-rig overturned on westbound I-80 between the California state line and Truckee at about the time I would have been driving through had we stuck to the original schedule.

I put in an unexpected bonus appearance at the office, dealt with a meeting in person, and cleaned up some loose ends before leaving at 3 PM so I could go get a haircut from my preferred barber in Fremont so I won't look so shaggy at johnnyeponymous's wedding tomorrow. I made my way back up to the hotel over back streets to avoid the parking lot signed as I-880. Lisa had stayed in as well due to the rain. We ordered a pizza and stayed in some more, although we did venture out later (the rain had abated somewhat) down to the Lucky grocery store down the street to get a few more bits. Having a refrigerator helps a lot in these hotel rooms.
Tags: lisa, travel, weather, work

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